Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trust your words, idiot

Anybody know if there's a mind trick I can use so that I trust the words I'm about to say? I noticed during today's game that I have the extremely annoying habit of changing my mind on what word to use just as I'm starting to say the first word.

It happened at least twice, both times in the exact same context, and I'm still pissed at myself.

The pitch was a simple ball out of the strike zone. No contact made. The pitch was taken. But instead of saying "misses outside," I wanted to use, "misses way outside." Except that just as I started to say "way," I changed my mind and said "well."

So what listeners heard was a hybrid cross of both. It probably sounded more like "whale" with a funky cajun accent.

Thought about this driving home. The more I think about it, the more I realize I'm doing it a lot. Most of the time, when I change my mind on a word to use, the two words don't blend together. But I still find this a personally annoying habit of mine. I need to break it. I need to committ to a word and say it.

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