Thursday, May 10, 2007

I hate vague positive feedback

Somebody told me, "you're sounding really good. Keep it up."

Didn't know what to say. Never know what to say after a compliment -- other than "thanks" -- but this was really awkward, because what I really want to say is, "really? What specifically sounds good?"

Actually, what I really, really want to say is, "I know that overall I'm sounding good. But give me something specific that's bad."

Generic compliments are the worst. They don't help. I have a healthy enough ego to know that I'm sounding good. I'd have already quit if I sucked. But I'm only going to get better if I get told something specific that I'm doing wrong, or that's annoying, or isn't clear.

So if you listen to a game, and feel like giving me feedback, do me a favor.

1. Tell me, "I liked the part of the game when you .... "
2. Tell me, "Why in the world did you say ..... ? That was dumb and made no sense."

I'll like you a lot more and it will help me a lot more.

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