Saturday, May 12, 2007

Issues wit te laptop

An email to my bosses:

Fellas, just an FYI, but tis keyboard on tis laptop as a bi issue. You see, te letters tat are between te F and J do not work. Tats wy teres so many typos in tis email. In addition, te backspace doesnt work and te sinle and double apostropys do not work eiter.

I first noticed tis problem a few days ao. It came back witin a couple ours. But it appened aain Friday mornin (temporarily) and now as occurred aain today and its remainin a problem. I took te laptop to a computer store on Friday. To order a new keyboard would take at least tree days, if not more. Tats not realistic for us.

I also ad tem briefly look at te wireless connection. Te connection is fine. Te problem exists on some leve wit te laptop, but tey cant tell to wat extent until tey spend serious time wit it. Te bottom line is tis macine is becomin more and more useless by te day.

Te wireless sinal ere at Lake Elsinore was cuttin out over and over durin Fridays ame. Its ard to broadcast a ame wen Im constantly lookin at te computer to see if its workin, ten tryin to troublesoot as te ame is oin on.

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