Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The other No. 22

Talking for three hours requires a lot of concentration. I have borderline ADD, which makes this difficult. A baseball game provides many times to sound like a dummy. Mine came in the seventh inning last night. The mistake was simply. Didn't flip my scorebook over. Looked on the mound. Saw the No.22 was making warmup pitches. I'd just been told a No.22 was warming up in the San Jose Giants bullpen. Figured it was a new pitcher. Started talking all about No.22, where he's from, his height and weight, his stats this year. The whole thing. About 30 second into this diatribe, I realized that Wayne Fultin couldn't be the new pitcher for the San Jose Giants ... because the San Jose Giants were batting. Ooops. It was still Brandon Hynick, the same pitcher for Modesto who had started the game.

Thought about pretending like this never happened. Instead, I mocked myself on air.

Then I said, "let me try this again."

I paused a second and started again.

"Bottom of the seventh from San Jose Municipal Stadium. Modesto leads 4-0 and Brandon Hynick is out for his seventh inning of work ... "

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