Saturday, May 19, 2007

Best broadcast yet

Pretty fired up about tonight's game and broadcast. Best of the season so far. It all came together. The game was compelling. It was an electric crowd, really into every pitch, and that background noise does three things.

1. It fires me up.
2. It creates great background noise.
3. It allows me to raise my voice when something big is happening, so it doesn't sound like I'm screaming over dead silence for no apparent reason.

There was some dramatic moments that I handled well. Three home runs were hit and nailed my call on all three.

In fact, I'd say the last two games were our best two broadcasts. The three innings with Brian VanderBeek, our analyst from The Modesto Bee, went really well. Felt we covered a lot of interesting topics, got off onto some good tangents, then I brought us back to the game and we didn't neglect the game.

I'll give Friday a B and Saturday a B+. Even with my ego, I just can't give myself an A or even an A- minus.

But regardless of the grade, I'm pumped. These nights remind me that I made the right decision in this career switch. The key is doing this every night, not just when there's big crowds and compelling action.

Hank Greenwald always said something to the effect of, "anybody can do a great job on a great game. It's the truly great announcer that can make a boring game sound interesting." Hank was the announcer for a long time on some really bad Giants teams, so he had lots of practice doing it. And he was extremely good at it.

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