Sunday, May 27, 2007

Packing for Visalia

Trying really hard to keep a positive attitude for this upcoming series in Visalia, which is not an easy task, especially at 7:45 on a Sunday morning. Bus leaves at 9:30 for about a three-hour ride. The game starts at 4 this afternoon.

In case you haven't read the blogs from the first trip to Visalia, here's the short version: no press box ... no roof ... froze one night ... sat in rain doing another game ... a bunch of drunks blocked part of my view in the last game and random people kept talking into my crowd mic ... oh yeah, and the hotel sucked. Beyond that, I loooooove Visalia.

At least packing isn't that hard. Four days. Three nights. Upper 90s is the expected high. Lower 60s is the low. Since the front office would prefer I wear a Nuts polo shirt every day, makes that decision easy. Throw in some shorts, a sweatshirt and shoes, and I'm done. I'll pack some workout shorts and shirt as well for the hotel, uhh, "gym" -- one treadmill and one stairmaster.

I need to find some paper weights and an umbrella for my outdoor "booth." The final game on Thursday is at 1 in the afternoon, and I'm sure the back of my neck will get cooked by the sun. At least I've packed my glove. Hopefully, I'll have time to shag some more flyballs in the outfield.

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bballfanr33 said...

Love the Blog Josh, I read it everyday. Im 17 and my dream job is to be a broadcaster. Keep positive.