Monday, July 2, 2007

The ultimate crack of the bat

It's always fun going to Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton because:

1. the ballpark is new and beautiful.
2. the radio booth is enormous.
3. the Stockton Ports are the A's affiliate, and I know more about that organization than any other.
4. it's a road game, but it's the shortest trip.
5. there's good free food.

The list is not necessarily in that order. One really cool thing about the ballpark is they have a crowd mic somewhere in the ballpark that we can plug into our mixing board. We don't even know where it's located, but it makes the broadcast sound soooo much better. For starters, we don't have to tape a mic to the outside of the press box, and don't have to worry about some jackass fan walking by and thinking he's funny by saying something into the mic.

But also, it makes the crack of the bat sound amazing. In addition, in last night's game, you could really hear the crowd make a collective "ooooooohhh" when one of the Ports players missed a catchable flyball on the warning track.

The broadcast sounds big league. Very cool.

In fact, in the latest cool thing we've got going on our website, Greg figured out how we can post audio highlights from the game on the website. The links are inside the game recaps. You can hear last night's right here, and you can definitely hear the crack of the bat in the highlights.

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