Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Exhausted, yet exhilirated

Now I know how arena football announcers must feel. Or how my colleague Jeff Lasky, the play by play announcer in Lancaster -- where every game is a slugfest -- must feel every night.

Last night's game was a 16-12 slugfest. Modesto won it, and the back-and-forth drama made for a lot of fun. Exhausting, yes. Ridiculous, yes. And exhilirating, most defintely.

It was yet another example of something that's wayyyyyy more fun to broadcast than it would be to recap for a newspaper. A lot of home runs were hit, and I got to have some fun describing some of them. Such as the tape-measure home run by Justin Nelson that made me pretend I was in San Francisco.

On the heels of my post a few days ago about calling the other team's dramatic home runs, I thought I found a better balance of "excitement vs. oh no" when Stockton's Tommy Everidge hit a three-run home run in the eighth inning to give the Ports the lead.

Nearly got caught with my head down in the scorebook, and recapping the scoring from the top of the ninth inning, when Chris Nelson hit a towering home run that broke the game open, and provided the final score. Wasn't happy that I missed the pitch coming to the plate, but recovered good enough.

This was one of those games when I'm still jacked full of adrenaline an hour after the game. That makes falling asleep difficult. And that means I'll have to be extra careful that I don't carryover that emotion into the first inning of tonight's game.

Think we got carried away in our giddiness over the crowd mic. We had it cranked up a little too much, so a good majority of the game wasn't as clean sounding as we'd prefer. I have the ultimate respect for engineers and sound techs. Whatever they get paid, it's not enough.

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