Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July fun

No idea if this is accurate, but I felt -- or maybe it's hoped -- that our radio audience last night was our biggest. The circumstances were certainly there. It's the 4th of July, and I imagine a lot of people BBQing in their backyards, and having a radio on with the ballgame. After all, what's more American that fireworks, BBQing and baseball?

Here in Modesto, the postgame fireworks is also the city's municipal fireworks. So the golf course behind the ballpark was packed, as were the soccer fields beyond the outfield fences. The fans were constantly setting off fireworks of their own. In fact, so much smoke was in the air from the fireworks, San Jose center fielder Antoan Richardson even lost a ball in the smoke, during one of Greg's innings.

The area around the ballpark was packed with fans. Again, perhaps wishful thinking, but I imagined the fans around the ballpark with their radios listening to the game, or at least listening to the game on the radio as they circled the ballpark looking for a place to park, to know how close the game was to ending.

Made it a point to say hello to the fans outside the ballpark a bunch of times. One of them is an older dude who is always at games and calls himself "tree guy" because he sits under a tree and collects foul balls. At least once, when a foul ball was headed his way, I'd let him know on the air.

It was a good game, the Nuts won 9-5, thanks to a leadoff home run by Eric Young, Jr. and another first inning homer by Justin Nelson. Against my better judgment, I watched the fireworks, got stuck in massive traffic, and will get one less hour of sleep.

If I was in a rut a few days ago, the sellout crowds the last two nights, plus all the great action definitely have me out of it.

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