Monday, April 16, 2007

Then and now

It's been one week and our first road trip is complete, so I figured it was a good time to compare and contast what it was like being a major league newspaper reporter and what it's like being a minor league baseball announcer.

Getting there -- I used to fly on United to all games and rack up the frequent flyer points. I'd average 2-3 upgrades to first class a year. Now I'm on a bus with the rest of the team. I'm thankful to have my own row.

Accomodations -- I used to stay at Marriott and Renaissance hotels, with a room to myself, a king-size bed, a welcome gift (which I'd usually pick as a half bottle of wine, plus cheese and crackers). Now I share a room with the clubhouse manager at the Best Western. I'm thankful there' s still free mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Getting around -- I used to expense a rental car or any cabs. Now I'm at the mercy of the bus and what's in walking distance of the motel. There isn't a cab, even if I wanted to pay out of my own pocket.

Meals -- I used to complain about how hard it is to stay under my $40 a day average for meals on the road. Now I get $20 cash a day for road games. I used to have a hard rule about never eating at any "chain" restaurant. Now I decide between IHop and Denny's.

Cities -- I used to debate whether I liked Chicago or New York more, if Seattle or Anaheim had the best press box, if Kansas City or Milwaukee was more under rated, and if Miami or Scottsdale had more beautiful women. Now I'm in Bakersfield and can't wait until we go to Stockton.

Clothing -- I used to wear jeans and a button-up "going out" shirt, so I can go straight to bars after the game. Now I wear a Modesto Nuts polo shirt. Every day.

Sightseeing -- I used to take day trips to Niagara Falls (from Toronto), Aspen (from Denver) Notre Dame (from Chicago), and the Football Hall of Fame (from Cleveland). I'd go to the top of the Gateway to the West in St. Louis, the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Ground Zero in New York City, the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston, the beach anywhere in southern California, and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Here in Bakersfield, uhh, uhhh, uhhhhh, I stared out the window at the truck stop.

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