Saturday, April 14, 2007

I can't believe ... what I just said!

Another internet-only night. Another night of dropped calls every 15-20 minutes. I stopped keeping track when the number reached 11. But the biggest mistake was mine. And it was a huge one. It happened in the third inning with Chris Nelson at the plate.

First, I'll offer my excuses. It started to rain. To keep the equipment dry, I shut the window. Vision was a major problem. The windows are filthy. Couldn't see much. Tried to look through the small sliver of an opening for most of the action. If a ball was hit somewhere, I'd open the window, stick my head out, call the play, then shut the window again.

If you recall yesterday's post, it's hard to see in the outfield. Home runs just seemed to get swallowed by the trees. It's dark. The rain isn't helping. Okay, enough with the excuses.

Chris Nelson hit a flyball that was caught by the left fielder. I called it a home run. Not just any home run, but "CHRIS NELSON HITS HIS THIRD HOME RUN IN THE LAST TWO GAMES AND MODESTO HAS TRIMMED THE LEAD TO 4-3!"

Then I wonder why the baseball is being thrown back to the infield. Then I wonder why Chris Nelson isn't circling the bases, but headed straight for the dugout. Then I hear the laughing around the corner from those in the press box that can hear me.

Now I want to crawl in a hole and never come out.

An awkward pause.

The pause gets longer. And more awkward.

"My bad. It was actually caught by Jake Blalock in left field. It was an out, not a home run. Two away here in the top of the third. Bakersfield still up 4-2."

I try to forget it. Try to move on. Make it a point to not mention my massive gaffe the rest of the broadcast. Pretend like it never happened. But it did.

And that can never happen.

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