Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's opening night

Tonight is the start of my new career. To my friends and family, if you miss tonight, no worries. I'm only doing 140 games in the next 151 days. You'll have plenty of chances.

In fact, Randy Johnson is scheduled to make a rehab start Sunday at 1:05 p.m. against the Nuts. So if you're nearby, you might want to buy tickets and check it out -- or listen live to that game. Our game is pre-empted tonight on radio by the A's game, but will be live on the internet.

Just log onto> and click the "listen live" button on the top left. If you were brave enough to listen to any games when I was in Texas, you'll notice a few differences tonight:

1. I should be able to see out the window of the press box. In fact, there's a window that slides up.

2. You should hear crowd noise, instead of it sounding like I'm in a closed bathroom.

3. I'll have broadcast partners. Greg Young will broadcast the 3rd, 4th and 7th innings on home games and a few road games. The Modesto Bee's Brian VanderBeek will be the color analyst for 4th, 5th, and> 6th inning.

4. These are real players with real futures. Justin Upton, the first overall pick of the 2005 draft, is on Visalia. The Nuts have Eric Young, Jr.

5. My boss is broadcasting his radio show live from the ballpark this afternoon and we might even throw that online (since it's no additional charge). That would be from 4-6 p.m., which will include myself and a couple interviews with players.

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