Sunday, June 10, 2007

Static feedback

Found myself lacking interesting topics for the blog lately, which means one of three things.

1. I'm so horrible I've just gotten to used to being horrible.
2. I'm so incredibly talent I should be promoted to the majors today.

(or more likely)

3. The grind of 62 straight games has made the "new-ness" factor (if I'm allowed to make up a word) wear off, the games are starting to blend all together, I don't want to write about the same topic every day (especially technical difficulties), and a first-year broadcaster's life isn't really all that interesting once you get past the "holy cow I was nervous for my first game" thread.

One thing does come to mind from last night and Thursday's game. We weren't able to establish a "land line" connection, so we did the game via a cell phone comrex. See the post "cell of a debut" for more details on this. For whatever reason, the crowd mic comes blasting through my ears at record decibels through this cell phone comrex -- even when I barely had the crowd mic up at all. Don't know why, or how, but I swear my ears were ringing worse from the 3,749 fans in attendance last night than my ears rang after Games 6 and 7 -- combined -- in the 2002 World Series.

Between a 5-0 deficit in the first inning, and the crowd mic blasting me away, it was a game I'd rather forget. Considering our team lost 10-3, made three errors, and could have been charged with 2-3 more errors, they probably agree to forget it.

That's the beauty of baseball. Always a new game the next day to make you look great ... or sound dumb.

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