Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Predicting my critique

In a few hours, I'll get the first of four professional critiques of how I'm actually doing in this career move. I mean, this is fun and all, but it would be good to know whether I'm any good.

I know that I'm not making a fool of myself. And that Jon Miller's job is safe. And that I'm (hopefully) not the worst announcer in the Cal League. And that I'm (probably) not the best in the league either. Considering I haven't received any specific feedback -- good or bad -- figured it was worth the investment. (Plus, I could use the tax writeoff.)

Eager and excited to get this feedback, and then apply it to games later tonight and throughout the rest of the season. In an attempt to self critique, and decide how much the professional critique is worth the investment, I've decided to make a list of things I'm expecting to hear.

1. I talk too fast too often.
2. It wouldn't hurt to stay a second or two behind the action, instead of exactly as it's happening, because it will allow room for "cleaner" calls that aren't as rushed.
3. Too repetitive coming out of each commercial break.

Submitted two games. One was nine innings solo when Modesto beat Visalia, 4-1, behind a complete-game effort by Brandon Hynick. The other was the six innings of play by play from one of the games at Stockton. Can't even remember which one, but I know it was a long game with lots of offense. Figured a pitchers duel and slugest, plus a solo game and working with a partner, would provide good contrasts for feedback.

Topics I'm most curious to hear:

1. Do I give the score often enough?
2. Do I give too many (or not enough) stats?
3. Do I "paint the picture" of the sun, the fielders, the ballpark, etc.?

I'll post the feedback when it's done.

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Laura said...

GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to hear what they think. I bet you rule. :)