Friday, June 13, 2008

An update ... long overdue

Well, let's see, it's been about eight months since I posted anything on this blog. I figure nobody is really reading it anymore. But just in case you stumbled upon it, here's how the story ended.

I got out of the minors.

I got called back up to the big leagues.

Not doing exactly what I want to do, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. I'm a reporter/talk-show host for KABC-AM in Los Angeles, the flagship radio station for the LA Dodgers. I do segments on the pre- and post-game shows, I co-host PostGame DodgerTalk after every game, I do some radio reports, and I do the Coca-Cola Trivia Quiz in the middle of all games at Dodger Stadium.

It's not play-by-play announcing. But it's back in the majors, and it's hard to turn down an opportunity to live in Los Angeles, and work in the No.2 market in the country. Whether this job proves to be a dead end, or the next step in doing what I really want to do, remains to be seen. If nothing else, I'm living in a fabulous city and my social life is way better.