Friday, September 7, 2007

Cramming for a final exam

In a few hours, I'll broadcast my first football game. My first emotion is sheer panic. I'm trying to remain as calm as humanly possible right now, because I know that I'll be hyper ventilating once the game starts. My theory is that if I fool people into thinking that I'm confident going into the game, maybe I can trick myself into thinking the same.

The panic comes from a lack of preparation.

The baseball regular season ended Monday. The playoffs started Wednesday and ended Thursday. Now it's Friday and I've had little time to prepare.

I did go to Oakdale High's practice on my off day Tuesday. I have rosters. I know a little what to expect from Oakdale. But I'm totally clueless about Turlock High. I'll need to find the coach before the game to get starters and a crash course on the team.

Not my ideal way to make my football broadcasting debut, but here goes nothing.

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